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Looks Worse Before it Gets Better, Right?

Our project is zipping along now.  We have back stairs on the yurt!  The front is going to have a small porch and a ramp for the UPS deliveries.


We’ve had to have the front yard trenched to accommodate the electrical supply–it comes to the property over by the yurt and we needed to run it across to the dye studio…what a mess!




Never realized how far from the yurt the dye studio is…until there was a trench all along the way!



So, we’ve got doors on the Studio–although now that they are in, I am thinking that we should have had them opening out to save the floor space!  Hindsight and all…



They did a great job of matching the siding and trim–going to look great when it’s all painted.


It’s hard to tell from photos, but a lot of progress is being made inside as well–we have insulation going in and plumbing going on.



Yesterday, the yurt was electrified!


We are hoping to move at the end of the month–but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.  It may be 2-3 more weeks.

Also: don’t forget to share our campaign!  We only have 8 days left, and will lose a % of the money if we don’t reach our goal.  Surely someone out there needs amazing yarn, or coffee, or yarn, or chocolate…



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