August 2021 Co-op Order -- Eucalyptus Grove Gradient set-- You Choose Yarn / Fiber Type

August 2021 Co-op Order -- Eucalyptus Grove Gradient set-- You Choose Yarn / Fiber Type

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Join in our co-op ordering through the Co-op Ordering Section.

Co-op orders are a dyed to order option.  We have a group order going on Ravelry, if you prefer you may just order there.  

Customers may choose to order through this listing!  Prices are 15% off of retail due to the group order.  To request a yarn or fiber type not listed here, please send me an email.

Orders will be shipped as they are dyed, and the entire co-op should be complete by late August.

Eucalyptus Grove is a set of (6) 2 or 4 oz skeins.  This gradient goes from Silvery Eucalyptus green though a range of greens ending in Deep Forest.  See other listings for the coordinating sprinkle dye.

Other colors maybe ordered through the Ravelry group, or by emailing me to add to your order.

For details on our yarns and fibers, please visit the PRODUCT LINE page.

SHIPPING--due to the co-op discount, co-op orders do NOT qualify for free shipping. Please do not select 'free shipping over $125' when checking out. 

Important Disclaimer:

By ordering in our co-ops, you agree that you have read and understand the following statement:

All yarns and fibers are dyed by Morwenna in small, individual batches. Hand dyed yarns can and do vary from batch to batch. Monitors, cameras, and the human eye all see things differently! We cannot guarantee that the yarn or fiber that you receive will look exactly like the pictures in our galleries, or the pictures posted to Facebook or Ravelry. Colors will look different on regular yarn vs. superwashed yarns, and different yarn and fiber types take dyes differently. We do guarantee that you will receive an expertly dyed, beautiful, and expediently shipped-out product. There are no returns on custom orders--this includes co-op orders--unless there is a true defect in the product. Mosaic Moon will decide what constitutes a ‘true defect’.